Ebara International has a full menu of services for whatever your current or planned equipment maintenance program may require.  Whether your machines are newly installed or have been around the block, we can custom fit a program to fit your site’s specific requirements.

  • Preset Commercial Terms and Conditions
  • 24 Hour Phone/Email Technical Support
  • Dedicated Aftermarket Product Engineer
  • Guaranteed Call-out support
  • Site Performance Review
  • Spare Parts Management & Pricing
  • On-site training
  • Product Improvement Service
  • Optional Engineering Services
  • Discounted Contracted Pricing


Preset Commercial Terms and Conditions

  • These contracts are negotiated and agreed to in advance so that your required parts can be ordered and shipped directly.  Support staff personnel are available for travel right away in the event of an emergency or time sensitive event.

24 Hour Phone/Email Technical Support

  • Your facility is going around the clock, 365 days of the year.  You don’t have time to wait until tomorrow morning.  Whenever you need us, night or day, we are here to support.  This service package includes technical assistance, review of operational parameters, trouble shooting or any other unexpected support your equipment may require.  This service is backed by our complete staff at factory headquarters providing a knowledge base with engineering, quality assurance and all other expertise available.

Dedicated Aftermarket Product Engineer

  • We know there are only so many hours in the day.  Here at Ebara, we understand and respect your busy schedule and desire to move through obstacles quickly.  With your dedicated Aftermarket Product Engineer, you will have someone who will build and maintain a personal working knowledge of your site, equipment or any nuances.  You will not have to waste time bringing someone up to speed every time you call or email.  With this kind of relationship, you are better armed for those unexpected events and can get back on track, in the blink of an eye.

Guaranteed Call-out support

  • If your site requirements are more than can be handled over the phone or email, our team is available to travel with the proper visas and documentation on very short notice if emergency assistance is needed.
  • EIC can dispatch a qualified Service Engineer on request to meet challenging site schedule requirements.  This may include scheduled maintenance, shutdowns, training, site equipment and performance surveys, spare parts management or other preventative maintenance activities.  Whatever your unique situation, we are flexible and ready to work with you.

Site Performance Review

  • Not sure what to do?  Ebara can perform an on-site performance review including surveys with your maintenance and operations personnel to determine equipment status, consulting, safety and operations.  This will include assisting you with setting up routine maintenance procedures according to site schedules and EIC recommended practices to keep equipment in good working order.

Spare Parts Management & Pricing

  • Having extra on-hand inventory can be tricky.  How many? What parts? What do I need?  Ebara will manage not only your spare parts requirements but coordinate multiple-site inventory to allow for reduced stock levels, lead-times and reduced disruption to your business.  All contractual arrangements and pricing are discussed and agreed to in advance to eliminate delays and streamline your customer service.


On-site training

  • Had some crew turnover? Need a refresher?
  • Depending on your needs and crews’ pump-experience, EIC can provide on-site training for your maintenance personnel.  Training usually ranges from 3-7 days, depending on your needs.  We will educate your team with the working knowledge of your unique equipment.  Training will supply sufficient knowledge, understanding and hands on experience to be able to support regular production activities.  This training will also allow your team to be able to communicate effectively with Ebara technical support, if and when necessary.

Product Improvement Service

  • Over time, as our technology and designs progress, EIC may become aware of product enhancements that may increase your product’s performance, safety, reliability or otherwise improve your EIC supplied products.  Ebara’s personalized service will give you the opportunity to always be aware of any possible engineering changes, enhancements or upgrades that are available to maximize your equipment performance.

Priority Access to Repairs at EIC Factory

  • We understand the speed of the customer and the importance of scheduled maintenance while minimizing the effects of planned or unplanned downtime.  EIC will provide you with priority scheduling for repairs performed at the EIC Repair Center.  As part of our repairs process, an engineered shipping skid can be supplied to expedite packaging and loading services as well as to protect your investment from handling damage.

Optional Engineering Services

  • Over time, the demands of your system can change and outputs can deviate from the point of best efficiency.  Our engineering and design center can provide the engineering support to ensure your systems are running at the optimal point based on your system demands.

Discounted Contracted Pricing

  • As a contract holder, your fees will be based on a service level pricing structure.  As part of our commitment to providing long term support for your organization, we structure our contracts to provide a much higher discount than if the services were purchased separately.