Director, Sales & Business Development 





All facets of sales and marketing of company products, i.e. devising and implementing sales strategies, forecasting sales, supervising sales personnel, relations with independent agents, advertising, printing of materials qualifying companies, agents, employees and programs in various states/countries. Responsible for coordination of all new product sales and marketing efforts at EIC, including off-site office locations and common projects involving Ebara Corporations’ s sales group.

The position is also responsible for business development. Opportunities for new or complimentary products and applications are to be evaluated and proposed to the Board of Directors for approval of required capital expenditure to execute the proposal. Strategic alliances with complimentary companies are also to be explored and proposed as appropriate.



1. Establish procedures and integrated program plans for achieving and maintaining
the required level of product sales.

2. Establish and implement appropriate processes and procedures to track active sales opportunities, forecast future business, track pricing trends and track job capture statistics.

3. Possesses high level of negotiating skills while maintaining the company’s overall objectives with sales orders.

4. Prime interface with customers prior to receiving sales contracts.

5. Charged with the task of market research, sales, pre-contract review of contracts and acknowledgements, customer relations, advertising and promotions.

6. Conduct pre-contact review of all contracts and specifications, and prepare all bid proposals. Ensures that all contracts have been reviewed and approved by the contract review board prior to handing over for execution.

7. Enables the Sales department to carry out its responsibility to the company. This includes supervision and responsibility for the branch offices located outside of the main office, specifically the U.K., China and all other remotely located sales staff.

8. Responsible for coordination and cooperation between EIC sales department and Ebara Corporation marketing department. This includes definition of sales splits and commissions for shared projects.

9. Performs all functions under “General Responsibilities of Management Positions,” including responsibility for established “Ethics and Compliance” policies.

10. Responsible for reporting competitive strengths and weakness analyses for EIC competitors. Such evaluations are to be shared with product development and engineering departments to develop product improvement strategies.

11. Continually assess opportunities to either expand the product offerings or to expand current products into complimentary markets. The results of these assessments shall be used to develop long-term sales growth strategies with executive management support.

12. Assumes other duties as assigned.



1. Extensive knowledge and experience in management, technical, and engineering of all aspects of the sales and service of cryogenic pumps, turbines and all related cryogenic systems.

2. Established contacts throughout the contractor base specializing in the Oil and Gas industry.

3. Knowledge and experience in the marine shipbuilding industry, with experience in Korea and China particularly valuable.