Electrical Systems

Electrical systems supplied by Cryodynamics® are designed to meet all applicable codes for hazardous area locations and are certified by various recognized agencies. The penetration from atmosphere into the cryogenic liquid is accomplished using specially designed electrical penetrations (feedthrus). Two types are generally used, one with a fiberglass type terminal block assembly with positively locked and sealed solid copper conductors and a second type with glass/ceramic seals in a stainless steel flange.

Each electrical penetration seal assembly is pressure tested, helium leak checked, and subjected to a high potential test before being accepted for use.

Each feedthru system uses a vapor space either between two feedthrus or internal in a double seal arrangement that can be purged with nitrogen to provide a safe, reliable method of installation.

Junction boxes and systems supplied are in compliance with the requirements of the U.S. National Electric Code and NFPA 59A for electrical penetrations into liquefied gas vessels, or to European standards such as ATEX meeting the appropriate Exe and/or Exd classifications. 

Vibration Monitoring Systems

Cryodynamics can supply a vibration monitoring system (VMS), providing continuous trend monitoring for your specialized equipment. Depending on your project, the VMS can be designed with either a PCB 4-20mA transmitter arrangement or a Bently Nevada compatible interface module. These systems are inclusive of instrument racks, accelerometers, and in-tank instrument cables. If desirable, Cryodynamics can also install headplate instrument boxes with accelerometers, as requested. 

All systems are custom engineered to meet the stringent requirements of increased safety for hazardous area locations and to provide the most reliable signal possible for condition monitoring.

Power Cables

Cryodynamics electrical power feed cable system is specially designed to be submerged in cryogenic liquefied gases and remain flexible at -200 degrees Celsius. The cables have been formally tested and accepted by Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL E129750) and listed as Power Feed Cable for Liquefied Gases up to ±200 degrees Celsius.

The cables are TFE insulated and are protected by braided stainless steel armor. They are UL approved for use with supply voltages up to 8,000 VAC. Sizes range from 4 to 250 AWG/KCMIL (on 600 volt units) and 2 to 4 AWG/KCMIL (on 5000 volt units). Click here for a summary of our power cable specifications.


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