In-Tank Pumping Requirements for Retrofit of LNG Import Terminal to LNG Export Terminal

As Published during the 2016 LNG 18 Event in Perth, Australia 11-15 April 2016

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The recent rush to monetize the increased US gas supply due to shale gas production has created an opportunity for the existing LNG import terminals to export LNG. These import terminals have used their existing assets: Loading Berth, Marine Piers, and LNG Storage Tanks to capitalize on a good economic opportunity to keep costs lower than a green field LNG production plant.

The pumps required to load LNG tankers are larger in flow than the original low pressure feed pumps at the LNG import terminals. To keep the large economic benefit for reusing the LNG tank asset, New LNG export pumps were required to be fitted into the existing LNG storage tanks to allow the higher export rates to be met.

This paper will examine the challenges of converting the existing pump and tank geometry (pump tube) from the original supply to create the higher flow export pumps. Ebara International Corporation was involved in supply of new pumps for several of these retrofit projects. This paper will detail the new design conditions, pump design challenges, successful testing, and eventually installation and start up.