We know that safety is a major concern when purchasing important equipment like a pump or expander.  Here at Ebara, we uphold the highest measure of safety and that expectation reaches all the way to your facility.  We have demonstrated the safety of our products through thousands of installations, giving you and your employees the peace-of-mind you have come to expect from Ebara.

Safety is built into the Design

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EIC’s line of submerged motor cryogenic pumps and expanders incorporates the safest design for rotating equipment in the industry.  By combining the pump and motor onto a common shaft, all issues of misalignment and coupling failures are eliminated.  The motor is submerged in the oxygen-free cryogenic liquid removing potential for ignition; therefore, the amount of electrical components that are installed within the hazardous area is minimized.  Additionally, there is no need for rotating seals thereby eliminating a source for leaks.  This allows Ebara’s design to safely accommodate caustic chemicals such as ammonia.  In addition, rotating components are contained within casings which are submerged within a secondary tank or vessel, further protecting personnel from potential hazards.  Ebara expanders feature a radial in-flow runner which greatly decreases the runaway speed to well within acceptable mechanical limits, reducing the possibility of physical damage.

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