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The entire pump and motor assembly are contained within a suction vessel built to the appropriate pressure vessel code for each application, making the installation safe, simple and reliable. The suction vessel functions as the outer pump casing. It is fabricated with a suction nozzle, welded couplings (for drain and liquid level indication), support brackets, a head plate with discharge nozzle, a conduit for electrical cables and a vent nozzle. The result is a compact, lightweight, uncomplicated installation having low noise levels and significant safety advantages over conventional pumps.

Frequently used as a multistage design for vaporizer feed service, the ECC model is also widely used as a single stage transfer pump. Flow capacities are available up to 3000 m3/h and differential heads up to more than 2500 meters (depending on flow and power). For multi-stage pumps traditionally used for vaporizer send-out applications, Ebara has developed a radial, stiff shaft design, in order to provide a more compact, more reliable machine. By combining the use of radial diffusers, which allows a much shorter stage length, with a much larger shaft diameter, the rotor becomes much more stable, normally operating well below the first critical speed. This new design has proven to be extremely reliable in send-out systems which require a large, multi-stage pump to perform on a continuous, 24 hour-per-day basis.